Squidtree is now serving RSS!

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally caught up to 2005.

Quick site announcement: Squidtree is now publishing RSS feeds! You can add the following feeds through your favorite RSS reader:

  • Blog: The Blog Feed serves up my latest blog posts. This is probably the one you want.
  • Reading List: The Reading List Feed offers a curated list of stuff I’m reading. I really only record the things I want to be able to cite, though.
  • Zettelkasten Notes: The Zettelkasten Notes Feed gives you visibility into my Zettelkasten’s evolution. This is going to be pretty low signal-to-noise though! A lot of my notes tend to be structural notes at this stage of its life, which will just contain links to other notes.
  • All: The All Feed indexes all of the above site activity. It’s… probably a bit much, honestly.


Don’t know what RSS is? Check out the Reeder app while I consider preparing a more detailed post about it.