About Shaine Hatch and his Squidtree.

Squidtree is a place for Shaine Hatch to keep his words, in the form of Zettelkasten notes and his blog. Many of the ideas here come from other people’s words as is captured in the references.

The author.

Shaine is a software engeering director who’s been actively programming since 2002, professionally since 2006. In his career, he has sought to learn across disciplines, which has taken him through many areas of the stack:

  • Front end design and architecture
  • Backend service and ecosystem design
  • Engineering management and organization strategy
  • Data engineering and governance

The site.

RSS feeds.

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Shifting color scheme.

Squidtree uses the dates its content was posted on to determine its color scheme. The colors flow with the changing of the seasons, so winter dates are blue, summers are red, and the transitional seasons ride the rest of the color palette. Where content doesn’t belong to a specific date, today’s color scheme is used.


Squidtree is built atop an Elixir and Phoenix foundation, pulling in its content from markdown files scattered across a living network of knowledge accumulation.

Learn more about Squidtree from its announcement post.