Notes index.

This is a Zettelkasten 0G1C1, which is a note taking system seeking to deeply integrate ideas together rather than merely record information.

Topics of Current Interest

  • Engineering management 1B.
  • Business leadership 4B.
  • Mental phenomenae 0G1E.
  • Decision making 1F.
  • Teams 4B1G1.
  • Micromanagement creates conditions where more micromanagement is necessary 1B8B4.

Top-Level Categories

  • Knowledge work 0.
  • Software engineering 1.
  • Physical sciences 2.
  • Arts 3.
  • Business 4.
  • Spirit 5.
  • Self 6.
  • Technology 7.
  • Product development 8.

Recent Changes


  • Scrum uses empiricism to maximize delivered value to stakeholders while reducing waste. 8E1A (from 2021-09-02)
  • Structuring IC worloads to grow their skills. 1B4B (from 2021-03-26)
  • Managers should identify what skills are needed for reports to succeed without them. 1B4B1 (from 2021-11-29)
  • Continuous improvement is a commitment to reviewing the way something is done to find ways to do it better. 0M (from 2021-09-02)
  • Great teams have a specific purpose to pursue. 4B1G1H (from 2021-11-29)
  • Recurring informal activities in software engineering. 1M2 (from 2021-10-26)
  • Engineering managers must understand how their employees want feedback and praise. 1B4A1 (from 2021-02-27)
  • Shuhari describes the stages of learning to mastery. 0M3 (from 2021-11-29)
  • Agile methodologies seek to establish a culture that is adept at reacting to changing business needs. 8E3 (from 2021-11-29)
  • Framework for more intentional living. 6E (from 2021-10-27)