Liminal thinking exercises continued.

  • Safe space, continued: Whose needs were unmet? What makes a safe space so; what fixes an unsafe one?
  • Validate (0G5F4): Brainstorm explanations for actions of disagreeable yet unavoidable associate. Talk to them about it. For a general life problem, what are current theories about it, and their opposites? Assess different angles.
  • Questions (0G5F5): Ask someone: Is your life everything you wanted? Wh ynot? Biggest obstacle? Future interests? What’s needed to do that?
  • Routines (0G5F6): Disrupt a doom loop with a random change.
  • Different realities (0G5F7): List beliefs of areas that need change. List an alternative possible belief for each. Act out as if true for awhile. How to emphasize a good thing?

  • Exercises continued 0G5C3.
  • Liminal thinking exercises 0G5C.