6-level model for reviewing one’s own work.

These are different horizons from which to analyze and act.

  1. Current actions: all literal current activities—about 100 of them.
  2. Current projects: 30-100 projects generating short-to-medium-term action.
  3. Areas of focus and accountability: key areas in which to make results and standards. Where to focus for balance and sustainability, not just activity.
  4. Goals: 1-2 year desires for new experiences.
  5. Vision: 3-5 year long-term view.
  6. Purpose and principles: big picture, existential matters, core purpose.

Use these viewpoints to organize action.rA1

  1. David Allen, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, Revised edition (New York City: Penguin Books, 2015). (See notes.)