Writing constraints that can help with different parts of the process.

Per WilsonrW1 some constraints that especially help in writing papers:

  • Physical writing constrains in both speed and space—be thoughtful and succinct.
  • Don’t edit while drafting.
  • Separate an outline braindump from the outline. The braindump can be endless, but the outline must fit within ~4 pages. Drafts separate from those.
  • Take drafts to a success or failure point and then regroup with notes—don’t tweak drafts indefinitely.

  1. Allen Wilson, “Playing the Zettelkasten RPG Through Arbitrary Constraints,” Zettelkasten Method (blog), April 8, 2022, https://zettelkasten.de/posts/playing-zettelkasten-rpg-through-arbitrary-constraints/. (See notes.)